Olympia 2013

Phil Heath

Six-time Mr. Olympia winner Phil “the Gift” Heath has agreed to a long-term partnership with Ultimate Nutrition, Inc. This deal goes far beyond a typical sponsorship, breaking new ground for both parties. Heath will become a key participant in the innovations Ultimate Nutrition brings to market.

About Phil Heath

Phil Heath is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and five-time Mr. Olympia Champion. He is nicknamed “The Gift” due to his unique combination of size and symmetry. Mr. Heath is a graduate of the University of Denver and currently resides in Colorado. He is driven by a passion to educate people about health, nutrition, weight training, and supplementation to help anyone who is willing to achieve their full physical and mental potential.

Starting in August, 2016, Heath will be appearing across all of Ultimate Nutrition’s advertising and marketing platforms. The partnership between Phil Heath and Ultimate Nutrition can be expected to take the entire sports nutrition industry to the next level.


Dexter Jackson

IFBB pro bodybuilder and 2008 Mr. Olympia, Dexter Jackson is now a member of Team Ultimate Nutrition. Both Dexter Jackson and Ultimate Nutrition have something in common, and rare by industry standards: longevity. Jackson has been competing since 1991, while Ultimate Nutrition has been in business since 1979, and neither seems to be resting on their laurels. Jackson has been on stage and making appearances for Ultimate Nutrition worldwide since early 2016.

About Dexter Jackson

Dexter Jackson began competing in 1991 at the NPC First Coast in Jacksonville, Florida. He would go on to earn his IFBB Pro Card at the 1998 IFBB North Americans. His first pro win would come in 2002 at the English Grand Prix.

Many thought third was as high as Jackson would ever place in the Mr. Olympia competition, given his smaller structure. However, he would prove everyone wrong in 2008, when he surpassed defending champion, Jay Cutler, to win the title.

In 2015, Dexter Jackson had perhaps the most successful year in bodybuilding history: first place at the Arnold Classic USA, first place at the Arnold Australia, first place at the Arnold Classic Europe, first place at the EVLS Prague Pro, and second place at the Mr. Olympia, a disappointment to many at the event who thought he should have won.

In 2016, Jackson broke Ronnie Colman’s longstanding record for the most wins in IFBB pro bodybuilding history, and is poised to give a very strong performance the 2016 Mr. Olympia. It’s safe to say Jackson will continue to earn his place in the record books.