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There’s a big reason new Blast Caps chewing gum is packed in a unique, easy-to-use “shotgun shell” tube. It’s got a real kick: 100mg caffeine in every piece—and 5 big pieces in every shell. That’s like having 5 big energy drinks right in your pocket or purse—no cans, no hassle.

Fresh mint-flavored Blast Caps gum is fortified with Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 to increase alertness, focus and help prevent “crash.” And it works fast—you get a burst of fresh energy in as little as 5 minutes, any time, anywhere.

• Quick, Fast-Acting Pre-workout/Energy Formula

• No need to waste time mixing shakes or chugging sugary energy drinks

• 100mg of caffeine per Chew

• No Calories, No Sugar, No Fats

• Delicious Fresh Mint Flavor

• Fortified with B Vitamins

• Super-convenient Package; 5 Pieces per Shell


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How does this compare to your average energy drink?

A: Energy drinks on the market have a huge range when it comes to caffeine content.  It can be as little as 6mg, to as much as 242mg.


  1. Can I use this as a pre-workout?

A:  Definitely, each piece has 100mg of caffeine and other B vitamins to give you the jolt of energy you need to tackle your workout.


  1. How many cups of coffee is equivalent to one piece of gum.

A: Each piece of BlastCaps has a few milligrams more caffeine than the average cup of coffee.


  1. When can I take it?

A: You can take it before your workout or throughout the day if you need a little pick me up.  Much like coffee or other energy drinks, we don’t recommend you take this within 4 hours of bedtime.


  1. Will it make me crash like other sugar filled energy drinks?

A: No crash!  Blastcaps has zero calories and zero sugar!